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Social Media

Social media is an important aspect of sharing your research. Engaging with the ASA Monitor on social media is a great way to share your article and to connect with your colleagues.

We encourage you to follow these accounts and repost, like, comment, and share topics you find interesting.

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ASA Monitor Social Media Editor

Eliabeth MalinzakThe ASA Monitor recognizes the collaborative nature of sharing published articles with the broader scientific community through social media and has Social Media Editor, Dr. Elizabeth Malinzak on our Editorial Board, who focuses on writing, sharing, and engaging with the Monitor articles on social media.

“Social media allows for increased visibility. Without promotion of research and your work, most articles go read only by the author, the editors, and maybe a few other people. When you promote research on social media, it reaches more people, including many who otherwise would not have picked up that journal to casually read,” said Dr. Malinzak.

How to promote your research and why it matters

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Submitting a social media post summary with your article

We request that authors please provide a summary (280 characters) of their submitted article to be incorporated into an ASA Monitor social media post as you know your work best. If you have X and/or Instagram handles, please provide this when submitting articles, as well so the ASA Monitor can create a post to promote your article and tag your account.

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