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Notable Quotes from ASA Monitor

ASA Monitor Today

Highlights you may have missed from recent ASA Monitor issues.

January 25  |  January 19  |  January 10

Creating and Communicating Your Value Proposition

January 25

Creating and communicating your value proposition cover pageThe ASA Committee on Practice Management compiled a compendium of resources to help groups understand the process of developing a value proposition and, if necessary, respond to a request for proposal (RFP) (

RFP is the process that hospitals use to put a contract up for bid.

For anesthesia services, the document lists the requirements that the hospital has for the relationship and poses a series of questions for potential bidders. This may reflect that the hospital is unhappy with their current vendor, or it could be that they need to prove they are not overpaying for services. In the end, winning the bid is about establishing and communicating your value proposition.

“Clinical excellence is no longer enough; leadership, both within the group and in the environment (OR, preop, PACU, NORA, board, and community), is critical to establishing your value proposition,” according to authors Phillip J. Richardson, MD, MBA, FASA, CPE, FAACD, FACHE; and Shena J. Scott, MBA, FACMPE. Read more in this January 2023 article about winning practices in anesthesia value proposition development.

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USP <797> policy victory for anesthesiologists

January 19

Recent revisions to USP <797> include a clear distinction between administration and compounding, effectively ending the “one-hour rule,” a restrictive standard stating that all immediate-use sterile products must be administered within one-hour after the start of preparation. Within this revised guidance, USP made clear that administration is officially outside the scope of Chapter <797>. Read some notable quotes from this February ASA Monitor article that explores ASA’s advocacy efforts that led to this important change.

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Banding together

January 10

“I see our profession as caught between the jaws of a metaphorical vise. One jaw is the unacceptable payment we receive from the federal government for our services. The other is the threat of independent nurse practice. Just as with an actual vise, each jaw enables the other to exert a greater force on our profession.” Read more in January 2023 Leadership Perspectives column.

Help Wanted! Must Have the Brain of an Internist, Hands of a Surgeon and Heart of a Psychiatrist

January 10

“While the patient is in this objectified state, it is critical that we defend the patient's personhood, their innate dignity as human beings. This means that while the patient is under anesthesia, the anesthesiologist must take the lead on insisting that no one in the operating room speaks ill of the patient, that no one makes fun of them, and that the patient's modesty is preserved, among other similar actions of respect and reverence. Defense of patient dignity is, of course, an important duty of the entire operating room team, but because the anesthesiologist has rendered the patient unconscious and defenseless, we have a special obligation to perform this function, " said Talmage D. Egan, MD, FASA in his column.

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