The Medically Challenging Cases sessions provide attendees and residents the opportunity to present interesting and challenging cases they have managed in their own practice. This section has continued to be a resounding success, and each year the number of presentations has grown, with more than 1,400 poster sessions presented at the 2016 meeting. Discussion is very lively at the poster presentations, and each year the committee has strived to provide the most interactive and educational experience possible. In 2016, the moderated discussions were enhanced to provide increased time for interaction among the moderators, presenters and attendees, which promoted more in-depth discussion, feedback and a comprehensive educational experience. Medically Challenging Cases were presented using an electronic format where each session was moderated by an expert physician faculty member. Each session was overseen by a member of the Committee on Scientific and Education Exhibits.

Participate in ANESTHESIOLOGY 2017 in Boston by submitting your interesting case for presentation. Medically Challenging Case submissions are open to the public and must be submitted online through ASA members may submit their cases for free. Watch for the submission site to open on February 13, 2017 and run through May 31, 2017.