Editor's Note: We received the following Letter to the Editor in response to the December 2023 editorial “Terrorism Is Terrorism Is Terrorism.” The authors' names have been omitted at their request.

As physicians, we took an oath to heal, to uphold life in its most fragile state. Our training conditions our minds to respond to suffering, irrespective of identities. Today, we draw upon our collective conscience as healers to reflect on a crisis testing our medical vows and basic humanity. Dr. Shafer's condemnation of October 7 in his December 2023 editorial “Terrorism Is Terrorism Is Terrorism” aligns with this oath and so too does the imperative return of all Israeli hostages and Palestinian “administrative detainees,” starting with children (ASA Monitor 2023;87:8-9). The question now is do we truly honor the Hippocratic Oath?

Gaza, which gifted medicine the invention of gauze, faces a chilling scarcity of medical supplies,...

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