Lifelong learning is vital for anesthesiologists. Staying up to date on the latest scientific developments, clinical trends, and health care innovations is one way we ensure our patients receive the best possible care. It is very fortuitous that this year's ANESTHESIOLOGY® meeting is happening in San Francisco, as it is also known as The City that Knows How.

San Francisco (Frisco or San Fran, according to long-term residents) is a lively city bursting with knowledge worth discovering. For example, did you know that San Francisco's cable cars are the only National Historical Landmark that can move? Or that the city has its own fog? (Really, the fog, nicknamed Karl by locals, even has its own Instagram page.) Or that it's the birthplace of the fortune cookie, denim jeans, and martinis?

Here's another tidbit about San Francisco: some of ASA's most well-attended meetings have been held in the Golden City....

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