“As I have evolved my leadership, I realized what we were lacking were women leaders. The next phase of my legacy is to increase the number of women leaders in health care.”

– Joanne Conroy, MD

Women lead only 8.8% of Fortune 500 companies (asamonitor.pub/3UDeAwD). Equally dismal statistics cite that just 13% of health care CEOs are women, despite the fact that 80% of our health care workers are women (asamonitor.pub/3VUmxyD). Although women leadership in health care is still the minority, there are exceptions.

Joanne M. Conroy, MD, is a masterclass in health care leadership, and she currently serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Dartmouth Health. Dartmouth Health is New Hampshire's only academic health system and the state's largest private employer. In September 2022, we spoke with Dr. Conroy to discuss her perspectives on her career, rise to leadership, and legacy.

Dr. Conroy...

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