Another successful annual meeting is behind us. Thousands of anesthesiologists gathered together to learn, connect, and explore the specialty this October in San Francisco. Once again, ANESTHESIOLOGY delivered a variety of hands-on educational experiences, ensuring that attendees had access to experts, opportunities to work with the latest innovations, and experience seeing and using the most groundbreaking technology.

Creating learning opportunities and sessions that involve state-of-the-art equipment is a must for our meeting team members, who aim to deliver the most innovative, educational, and enriching anesthesiology event in the world. Fortunately for ASA and annual meeting attendees, ASA's corporate partners elevate the event with their equipment, which is often shipped across the country at great expense to them.

“Without the cutting-edge technology that is provided at our annual meetings, the event would be flatter, sessions would be more theoretical, and educational formats would be more limited,” said Susan Carlson, ASA's then-Chief...

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