The medical practice of anesthesiology requires lifelong learning for us to provide the best care to our patients. High-quality education allows us to keep up with continual discoveries and medical advances that introduce new drugs, equipment, surgical procedures, and best practices. One of ASA's strategic pillars, Education, commits to fulfilling this member need. Simply put, when it comes to educating anesthesiologists, ASA's offerings are unrivaled.

As in many economic situations, purchasing the best-quality product often entails paying the highest price. But ASA members also want to keep expenses under control. So how to enjoy the best education at the lowest possible price? The answer is to partner with corporate sponsors in a way that preserves quality and integrity.

To fund our bold and diverse educational offerings, the society relies, in part, on corporate funding. ASA's Corporate Support program has provided millions of dollars in funding to advance our mission and...

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