No service line is more aligned with the success of the hospital or health system than the anesthesiology department. Unfortunately, your C-suite may not fully appreciate that. As an anesthesiologist, it's vital you inform them that your institution's success – in terms of quality, outcomes, and financials – depends on our specialty.

To help anesthesiologists champion the specialty with this key stakeholder audience, ASA launched Be the Solution: Sell Your C-Suite on the Value and Leadership of Anesthesiologists last year. I was part of a working group of anesthesiologists – all health care executives – who helped create a detailed toolkit and resources to highlight your value with the C-suite.

The reality is that all leaders are looking for doers, for people to help address inefficiencies and solve problems. Being proactive by identifying issues and offering solutions makes a big impression on the leadership team in hospitals and health systems....

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