The pandemic we have experienced over the last 18 months will impact the future of anesthesia practice and our specialty's place in health care for years to come. Anesthesia practice will change, as it is influenced by many factors – and the opportunity to refine and redefine our roles and responsibilities over the next decade must be undertaken.

As we prepare to cast our eyes to the future, Anesthesiology in 2030:

“In 2021, as the American health care system began to recover from the COVID pandemic, it was battered by a fourth COVID surge. The Delta variant was the most predominant and could infect both unvaccinated and vaccinated persons, who, in turn, can infect others. This represents a return to ‘square one’ with respect to transmission; however, the breakthrough infections among the vaccinated will hopefully remain mild. Numerous anesthesiologists are acknowledged as leaders as our specialty addresses the challenges COVID...

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