As Helen Keller once noted, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Turns out, that's extra true when managing a crisis. Surviving – and thriving – during a pandemic requires teamwork and collaboration. COVID-19 tested our abilities to pivot quickly, forge new partnerships, and maximize existing resources. In many ways, in many places, and on many fronts, physician anesthesiologists gained the admiration of a nation in distress.

Our partnerships were key to that success. From the beginning of the crisis, corporate partners used innovative approaches to technology and education to support ASA members – the physician anesthesiologists who were on the front lines battling the pandemic – and our patients.

For example, as hospitals struggled to manage a growing surge of COVID-19 patients, a group of ventilator manufacturers created the Ventilator Training Alliance to put training materials into the hands of practitioners. The seven original...

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