Architecture is rarely admired for the foundation upon which it's built, yet anesthesiologists can now hold the mobile platform that will power the next iteration of Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesiology (MOCA) in the palm of their hand. Since its January debut, ABA Go has given anesthesiologists a new means to access tools to help them obtain and maintain their ABA certification.

With its remastered physician's portal and mobile application, the story of ABA Go could begin and end there – tech-savvy tools to make the board certification and maintenance process run smoother. But these new tools are not just a means to help diplomates meet current initial certification and MOCA requirements. ABA Go is also designed to support future enhancements of our certification programs that will elevate the value of board certification as a user-led experience.

MOCA provides a good example of how ABA programs continue to change. MOCA...

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