For Trevor Gibbs, MD, inspiration struck in the OR.

“I was doing a difficult rapid-sequence induction and had set my supplies on the patient's chest, as many providers do, but the items fell off just as I needed them. The patient's oxygen levels were going down, and I was frustrated,” he recalled. “I decided then and there to buy an anesthesia stand after that surgery.”

But when Dr. Gibbs sat down to do so, he hit an unexpected roadblock: there was no such thing as an anesthesia stand on the market. Believing he was on to something, he subsequently created the world's first. The Anestand, which launched a year and a half ago, clips onto I.V. poles, operating tables, beds, and gurneys, and steadily holds supplies close by while providers induce anesthesia, nerve blocks, I.V. starts, and arterial lines.

Author Toni Morrison once famously advised, “If there's a book that...

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