“Through mentoring and by being open to learn, we can reach our ultimate potential.” – Lily Benjamin

Residency is an exciting but very stressful and confusing time for trainees. Residents must learn to balance clinical and academic commitments, career development and their personal lives, some without the support system of their families. An effective mentor's support and guidance can profoundly alleviate some of the confusion and stress. Serving as a mentor and helping a mentee actualize their goals is also an immensely fulfilling experience.

Mentorship is important in residency training, not only for career guidance but also to help mitigate day-to-day stress. Left unchecked, stress and anxiety can lead to depression and burnout. Unfortunately, “burnout” has become a buzzword in our field, affecting up to 51% of anesthesiology trainees. A study of almost 5,000 anesthesiology trainees and first-year graduates found that the accessibility of resources as well as having a...

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