Harriet and Hubert are fraternal twins who have lived and raised their families not far from where they were born. Their lives have been remarkably similar. When COVID-19 came to town, they both practiced social distancing and followed recommendations on masking.

Their similarity ended with their choice to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Harriet waited in line the first day the vaccine was available at their community center. Although the vaccine was equally available to Hubert, he decided not to be vaccinated. We don't really know why. Maybe it was something he saw on T.V.

Unfortunately, now in their ninth decade, they have both contracted COVID-19.

Harriet and Hubert were brought to the hospital by their family on the same day, too ill to comprehend that the other was in a similar state. Both were struggling to breathe, with low pO2 on a 100% non-rebreather mask. Both had rising CO...

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