Mount Sinai Medical Center-Miami Beach is Florida's largest private, nonprofit teaching hospital focused on providing high-quality care to the diverse community of South Florida through teaching, research, and community advocacy. Established in 1949, our system includes 4,000 employees across 11 medical campuses, 672 beds, 26 operating suites, and 650 specialty care physicians with an additional 160 physicians trained every year.

In such a large protocol-driven, multidimensional hospital center, the process of optimizing patient outcomes in surgery can be lost due to challenges in efficiency and coordination. Here, we demonstrate an example of how proper coordination and multidisciplinary discussion led to the best patient outcome in a high-risk surgical case.

A 43-year-old male with a PMHx of atrial fibrillation, hypertension, high cholesterol, and type II diabetes mellitus presented to our institution with shortness of breath. He described the onset as sudden, constant, and moderate in severity. However, the patient denied any...

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