As I write this (May 2020), it's hard to divert my attention to anything not directly COVID-19-related. However, in the spirit of John Krasinski's popular YouTube channel (, I would like to share Some Good News about our specialty, as a reminder that there are some extremely positive things going on right now, which even a pandemic can't quash.

To gain perspective on the Good News I am about to share, it is helpful to start with a brief history lesson. I believe all of us are familiar with the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP), more commonly known as “the Match.” Those who have been in our specialty since the mid-1990s recall quite well that there were profound and even existential challenges to anesthesiology residency training programs' Match outcomes at that time, when our specialty was perceived by residency candidates as an undesirable career path.

In what at...

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