The ASA Committee on Global Humanitarian Outreach (GHO) met recently via Zoom for our 2020 annual meeting. We had a robust and healthy discussion about the future of our programs in light of COVID-19 and the impact of health disparities around the world. Although our signature programs are impacted by the inability to travel internationally, we are busy “re-imagining” ways to connect with our international colleagues in ways we hadn't previously considered!

Our Overseas Teaching Programs (OTP) in Guyana and Rwanda have a long history of success.

The President of the Guyana Anesthesiologist Society is a graduate of the program. Drs. Eric Nelson and Reema Sanghvi are in discussion with the society about ways to support residency training as well as future planning for when Guyanese anesthesiologists can provide care in district hospitals. A new group of residents started training in October after a period where no residents entered the...

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