According to a recent study, repeated application of an alcohol-based hand sanitizing solution to nitrile examination gloves is MOST likely to produce which of the following complications?

Anesthesiologists are commonly exposed to surface and aerosolized pathogens from patients, especially during procedures such as induction and intubation. While use of a surgical mask, gloves, and eye protection is common, it is well known that the exterior surfaces of the clinician's gloves become rapidly contaminated, with subsequent spread of pathogens to the anesthesia workstation, medication syringes, monitoring equipment, and I.V. tubing.

One strategy proposed to improve infection control during intubation is frequent application of a sanitizing solution to the exterior of the clinician's gloves. Until recently, there has been a dearth of understanding of how this might affect the integrity of the gloves or the ability of the user to perform normal activities. A group of investigators recently reported on a simulation...

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