“The thought that life could be better

Is woven indelibly

Into our hearts and our brains”

”Train in The Distance,” Paul Simon

We live and work in a time like no other. The COVID-19 pandemic and the related health system and economic impacts; intense political and social dialogue regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion; and extended periods lived in a stay-at-home culture have disrupted everyday life in our communities and families. Like you, I look back at a very-different-than-planned 2020, look around to assess current challenges and opportunities, and look ahead to a time that will be better.

The economic toll of the pandemic on our health care system, our departments, and our practices has had an impact on members across medical and professional societies. Certainly, ASA has been affected. Accordingly, our finance team has supported accelerated decision-making in response to changing circumstances. In his September 2020 ASA Monitor article “The...

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