The economic challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic make it more important than ever that an anesthesia practice's coding and billing processes are efficient and accurate. Delayed payments due to miscoded claims can be reduced if not avoided by using up-to-date resources. The Relative Value Guide® (RVG™), CROSSWALK®, and Reverse CROSSWALK® are updated annually. New codes, values, and any revised guidance on correct code use become effective on January 1 of each year.

The RVG, CROSSWALK, and Reverse CROSSWALK provide expert assistance to an anesthesia practice's coding and billing processes. Many users tell us that they are essential to their practice.

The RVG includes:

The CROSSWALK is the practical application of the above for anesthesia services. It provides guidance on which code best describes the anesthesia care for a specified therapeutic or diagnostic procedure. When multiple options are applicable, the CROSSWALK offers information to guide the...

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