It feels a little bit like that 2011 sci-fi movie “Another Earth” – where the mirror image of our planet (Earth 2) and its look-a-like inhabitants – comes to within mere miles of Earth 1. It all looks familiar, but it is not the same. Which is the real earth?

Such is how folks – physicians and health care executives alike – often describe the experience of seeming to simultaneously live in two health system(s). Do we work in a fee-for-service world with all its volume-based incentives, or in a value-based world with its quality and outcomes-based incentives? In reality, we live in both, but change is occurring fast, and I believe we’ve reached that inflection point where the new order is beginning to dominate.

Are we prepared?

In past columns, I have focused on how ASA’s staff organization is developing to meet your needs. In this one, I want...

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