There are more challenges today than ever: payment, regulatory, quality, human resource, recruitment, coverage and more! No one can tackle all these issues alone, and ASA recognizes this fact. In 2017, ASA created a new membership category – Anesthesia Administrators and Executives (AAE). The purpose of this new category is to attract and reinforce access to the scope of professional resources that physician leaders need to address what seem like overwhelming requirements to stay in the practice of anesthesia.

Anesthesia has long been the exemplary specialty demonstrating the physician-administrator dyad. Through this new membership category, your administrator, executive or manager may qualify for free membership with 90 percent physician members from the group on a single annual bill. This membership provides resources for your management partner to access ASA networks, education and specialty programs to help him/her align with solving problems and growing your practice or group.

Anesthesia administrators have...

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