Which of the following factors is not present in cryoprecipitate?

Most of the blood products transfused in the United States are given as blood components (blood component therapy) rather than as whole blood. One unit of packed red blood cells contains roughly the same amount of hemoglobin as a unit of whole blood, but most of the plasma has been removed. The hematocrit of a unit of whole blood is about 40 percent; the hematocrit of a unit of packed red blood cells is approximately 70 percent.

Platelets can be separated from whole blood by centrifugation or acquired from single donors by platelet pheresis. Platelet concentrates are stored at room temperature and are typically transfused within five to seven days of collection.

Fresh frozen plasma (FFP) contains all of the plasma proteins present in whole blood, including the less stable factors V and VIII. It can also be collected via...

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