Do “Millennials” learn differently?

How do we train our next generation of anesthesiologists?

How do we facilitate faculty development and lifelong learning?

Can technology enhance our education process?

What research is being performed in anesthesia education?

These are just some of the questions faced by those involved in anesthesia education. Educating anesthesiology trainees and faculty is a significant responsibility for our profession. It ensures that our profession continues to grow, improves patient care and adapts to future evolutions of health care. The Society for Education in Anesthesia (SEA) is an organization whose mission is to “Support, enrich, and advance anesthesia education and those who teach.” Our vision of “Excellence in patient care through education” is grounded in the fundamental belief that how we educate, and what we teach, lays the foundations not only for the student but for the future of our specialty. SEA provides a venue for cross-pollination and...

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