Professionalism is a crucial component to the practice of medicine. The talk by 2016 Rovenstine Lecturer David H. Chestnut, M.D., is intended to motivate audience members to re-explore some of the most fundamental questions about their careers and lives.

“I hope this lecture will help attendees remember why they chose to become a physician,” said Dr. Chestnut.

His talk will focus on affirmation of professionalism as one of the six core competencies for physicians, and address the limitations of written codes and rules that promote physician professionalism.

Dr. Chestnut will also help to identify personal attributes, commitments, behaviors, interactions, and influences important to the development and maintenance of professionalism in physicians.

Perhaps most important, Rovenstine Lecture attendees will take away new insights into the dynamic nature of professionalism and the critical role it plays in the health care community.

“Professionalism is not something that we learn once,” said Dr. Chestnut....

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