The Society of Academic Anesthesiology Associations (SAAA) held a successful and well-attended annual meeting on November 6-7, 2015, in Baltimore. One meeting highlight was a very well received “Representation of Academic Anesthesiology” lunch session led by ASA Vice President for Scientific Affairs Beverly K. Philip, M.D.

More than anything, the session was an opportunity for ASA leadership to share information with this large meeting of thought-leaders in the academic community, who have indispensable roles in maintaining the vitality of our specialty and society. Dr. Philip’s presentation on “Academic Anesthesiology and ASA” was by no means a comprehensive review of all the academic-related initiatives ASA supports, but it addressed highlights that demonstrate ASA’s robust support for academic anesthesiology-related interests, and that ASA is willing to do more but needs more input from academic anesthesiologists to better chart our future academic paths.

Below are some of the points addressed at this session....

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