More than 10,000 people visited ASA’s When Seconds Count™ website after seeing the close-call story of how physician anesthesiologist Jerome Adams, M.D., saved the life of a man who was shot 10 times. The story was showcased in a December Facebook ad campaign and is just one of the ways ASA is increasing overall social media engagement and supporting its educational endeavor to advocate for patient-centered, physician-led care.

The ad, which targeted a select Facebook audience, included the highlights of Dr. Adams’ lifesaving story and linked to a video where he also described how his extensive education and training helped him make a difference. The social media ad attracted more than 24,000 clicks and increased the views of the video 1,218 percent with more than 4,000 people watching since it was first posted in August 2013.

Statistics aside, the ad campaigns reveal the power of social media and how ASA...

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