“Laughing Gas Now Becoming Popular Option for Women Giving Birth”

– ABC News

“Pregnant Women Use Laughing Gas to Ease Labor Pains”

– The Washington Post

“Laughing Gas in the Delivery Room? Yes, Please”

– Slate

With news headlines promoting an increased popularity in the use of nitrous oxide during labor, ASA executed a campaign using digital, social and traditional media channels to share its expert advice on the role physician anesthesiologists play in providing pain relief during childbirth and the many options available for easing labor pain, from medications to breathing techniques and more. State component societies received background on the campaign and opportunities to use campaign materials with media, members and on the Web.

ASA engaged the news media with information to help expectant parents sort out pain management options ahead of labor. A news release on the pros and cons of epidurals and the use of nitrous...

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