Even with the broad variety of educational offerings that ASA provides, many ASA members also have specialized clinical, research or educational interests; hence, a variety of subspecialty societies exist. The perspective of ASA leaders is that there exists a natural synergy between ASA and many of these subspecialty societies – that ASA members find value in both a strong society and strong subspecialty societies. With this perspective in mind, ASA leadership has made it a priority in the past year to improve relations with existing affiliated subspecialty societies.

Existing affiliated societies are those with House of Delegate representation:

And also the educational societies:

Further, ASA recognizes there are additional subspecialty societies, and ASA is developing pathways to recognize and enhance relationships with them.

Some of the collaborations offered by ASA to the affiliated subspecialty societies include officer representation at affiliated subspecialty meetings and subsidized CME services for their society meetings...

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