The ASA Committee on Global Humanitarian Outreach (GHO) is continuing ASA GHO Lifebox training in Latin America with trips planned for Bolivia and Guyana in November 2014. Thanks to the generosity of the Vanderbilt Department of Anesthesiology and Lifebox, the pulse oximeter gap in Guyana was met, and education and training will be provided in collaboration with the ASA GHO.

Efforts are under way to raise the funds needed to meet the Bolivia pulse oximeter gap (125 pulse oximeters) through the ASA Charitable Foundation. Ten volunteers are needed for five-day training in Bolivia and Guyana.

If you are interested in participating, please find the application on the ASA GHO website at

Also, join us for the Lifebox non-CME session at the ANESTHESIOLOGY™ 2014 annual meeting this October. We will provide information on fundraising, logistics and delivery, along with training suggestions for pulse oximetry and checklist implementation, and plans...

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