The mission of the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research (FAER) is “to advance medicine through education and research in anesthesiology.” For a multitude of reasons, FAER recently decided to incorporate education in innovation and entrepreneurism into its portfolio of mission-specific activities.

Successful innovation and creation of new technologies are not only central to maintaining the American way of life but also crucial to advancing medicine and improving clinical outcomes while reducing health care costs. As applied to our specialty, new high-impact innovations are badly needed in several areas (e.g., general anesthetics that selectively alter brain function, new pain medications without addictive properties, etc.) to further enhance the quality of patient care, and highlight to the public and politicians the critical importance of maintaining significant physician involvement in the delivery of anesthesia.

The goal of FAER in this initiative was to provide an educational instrument that helps empower anesthesiologists in...

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