The Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation (APSF) has identified opioid-induced ventilatory impairment (OIVI) and perioperative visual loss (POVL) as patient safety risks that can be addressed by increased awareness and education. In this regard, APSF has sponsored consensus conferences to evaluate: 1) continuous electronic monitoring to facilitate detection of drug-induced postoperative depression of breathing and 2) the importance of including the risk of postoperative visual loss in the informed consent process for patients at risk for blindness due to ischemic optic neuropathy.

In an effort to provide maximum visibility and educational value leading to changes that would qualify as “best practices,” APSF has produced and recently released three patient safety videos based on the conclusions and recommendations of these conferences. These videos may be viewed on the APSF website Complimentary DVDs that include these videos are available upon request.

Executive Summary: Opioid-Induced Ventilatory Impairment (OIVI): Time for a Change...

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