From January 9–11, ASA’s President and First Vice President (Dr. Jane Fitch and Dr. Daniel Cole, respectively) attended the American Medical Association’s (AMA’s) 2014 State Legislative Strategy Conference in Tucson, Arizona. The conference provides the opportunity for key volunteer physicians and staff from state and specialty medical associations from across the nation to learn about legislative issues of importance to medicine. ASA attends the conference each year.

During the conference, national and state experts briefed attendees on issues and subjects, including:

Speakers of note included:

ASA President Dr. Fitch said of the conference, “I was extremely pleased with the content and speakers at this meeting. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and challenges states are facing with this economy, it is critically important physician anesthesiologists be active at the state level to protect and promote their patients’ safety.”

Physician anesthesiologists also in attendance on behalf of their state...

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