In last month’s FAER Report, I called upon every ASA member to support the generation and dissemination of new knowledge – the facts, information and skills acquired through scientific discovery – by making individual donations to FAER. Today, I again make this request and encourage your philanthropic support of our mission.

Charitable contributions to FAER, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, support research grant funding that ultimately benefits all of medicine, all of society, through the creation of new knowledge. When you make a gift to FAER, you are supporting the important work of anesthesiologists and anesthesiology trainees who are actively pursuing careers as physician investigators, in all areas that are important to the specialty from basic science to health services research and education, and will see to it that the future of medicine sees as much progress as the past.

The collective body of knowledge created by the anesthesiologists who have...

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