This is the story of Stephanie Arnold, a mother who suffered an amniotic fluid embolism during childbirth. More than any data, research or study, the story demonstrates the importance of patient-centered, physician-led care in a way that resonates and is memorable. Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communication, and it is used to help convey complex topics, evoke emotion and inspire people to take action.

Since ASA launched the When Seconds Count™ (WSC)educational endeavor, we have collected stories and encouraged our members to share stories about the critical role physician anesthesiologists play in delivering the best quality and safest care for our patients, who deserve no less. Arnold’s story is highlighted on ASA’s website and was featured at the 2014 Legislative Conference to alert policymakers to the importance of patient-centered, physician-led care.

All ASA members have stories of lives they saved and how their education and training made...

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