October is upon us, and New Orleans is calling. The annual meeting is only days away. By now, your travel arrangements have been made, and your agenda may be set. Although your time in the Big Easy will be packed with meetings, CME workshops, poster sessions and receptions, I encourage every ASA member attending the meeting to spend some time celebrating research in anesthesiology and those who are working to advance the field.

The Celebration of Research is an annual event, part of the ASA meeting, hosted by the journal Anesthesiology. It includes special scientific activities at the annual meeting, such as the Rovenstine and Severinghaus lectures, and the Anesthesiology journal symposium. Within the Celebration of Research, FAER hosts several events recognizing the important research being done in anesthesiology, and honoring those who have dedicated their careers to the process of discovery and the generation of new knowledge.


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