The Association of University Anesthesiologists (AUA) was formed in 1953 to foster the growth of research and the exchange of new ideas for those in the academic community. The AUA’s mission is the advancement of the art and science of anesthesiology by:

Who are members, how does one become a member, and how do we go about accomplishing our mission?

Prior to answering those questions, we would like to reflect on the founding of AUA. The association evolved from the discussions of four principle figures in academic anesthesia: Drs. Austin Lamont and Robert Dripps at the University of Pennsylvania, Harry Beecher, M.D. at Harvard, and Emmanuel Papper, M.D. at Columbia. An interesting and provocative summary of the activities surrounding the formation of AUA can be found in Dr. Papper’s recollection of activities of the early 1950s that culminated in the formation of AUA. While the motivation of the founders...

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