Anonymous Author

When asked to contribute to this feature, this author was hesitant to share his story. He wrote an informative and worthwhile account of his experiences, so we honored his request for anonymity.

– Mary Ann Vann, M.D. Task Force on Wellness

We all know “that guy.” The one who brags about his kid’s game-winning home run, his profitable stock trade or the deal he got on his new car.

“That guy” never mentions the bad stuff – the strikeout, the losing stock trade or the details of being “ripped off” by the used car salesman. Those stories are quickly buried, existing only as skeletons in his closet.

The skeleton in my closet is a malpractice case. I have not attached my name to this article because part of me is “that guy,” the one who hides the bad stuff.

My story begins on a Friday in 2003. I...

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