I read with intriguing caution the article by Dr. Schartel in the October 2012 NEWSLETTER.1 The article describes the accomplishments of the Society for Education in Anesthesia (SEA) and frames the current challenges in resident education and the future of anesthesiology training. The article seems to be a streamlined, objective description, in my opinion, and raises not so picturesque and easy solutions. I commend Dr. Schartel for triggering a debate on education concerns.

Medical education is continuously changing, as are many other models of education in general. The learners are changing again, not in their substance of being learners, but in the form affected by society and psychological pressure.

Many of our colleagues are expanding the length of training, not reducing it. Why are we one of the few claiming we need to shorten? How will we sustain our role as leaders in such a model? Our surgeon...

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