The Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research (FAER) created the Honorary Research Lecture to recognize outstanding scholarship by an anesthesiologist and encourage other anesthesiologists to undertake careers in research and teaching. This year’s lecturer, who will present during the ANESTHESIOLOGY™ 2013 annual meet-ing, certainly exceeds these objectives.

The 13th Annual FAER Honorary Research Lecturer is Charles W. Emala, Sr., M.S., M.D., Henrik H. Bendixen Professor and Vice Chair for Research, Department of Anesthesiology, Columbia University, New York.

Dr. Emala’s lecture is titled “Peripheral GABAA Receptors: Unrecognized Anes-thetic Targets?” Chloride flux through GABAA receptors in the central nervous system is the primary inhibitory current in mature neurons. GABAA receptors in the central nervous system are a recognized target of many classes of anesthetics. GABAA receptors are expressed on many peripheral cells and may represent unrecognized targets of anesthetics that facilitate many “non-anesthetic” physiologic effects.

Through his lecture,...

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