Thank you. Your support of FAER advances the medical specialty of anesthesiology and positively impacts the careers of individuals who will improve patient care and safety, and who will find solutions to current issues. The early career funding that FAER is able to provide because of your generosity not only influences individual careers but also changes the future of anesthesiology for the better.

You make it possible. The success of the people who participate in FAER’s programs and receive our grant funding would not be possible without the support of ASA and its members, and the entire anesthesiology community.

Last year, in order to support more than 130 anesthesiologists, residents and medical students, FAER committed $1.875 million to funding research grants and more than $300,000 to programs. These numbers show the investment we make each year in research and education, and the highlights from 2012 below help illustrate the outcomes....

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