“Grassroots” means normal, everyday citizens, like us, engaging and educating their lawmakers about issues that matter. It’s a ground-up process that does not require us to be elected officials or professional lobbyists. Spending a few minutes exercising our First Amendment right to convey our views can reap huge rewards for our patients and profession.

If we do not take the lead advocating on our own behalf, instead of having a seat at the table, we’ll be on the menu!

ASA has more than 50,000 members. As anesthesiologists, we have both the ability and obligation to educate lawmakers on advocacy issues specific to our specialty. These issues include patient safety, responsibilities of our allied team members and ways to improve access to care, to name just a few.

As anesthesiologists, we already have the experience necessary to be the best advocates for our patients and specialty. If we do not advocate...

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