Professional Appointments:

Founding Member and President (1996-2000), Greater Houston Anes- thesiology, PA, Houston, Texas; Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Memorial Hermann Healthcare System (2003-07), President, Memorial Hermann Medical Group, Memorial Hermann Health Network Providers (2007-09).

ASA Involvements: President-Elect (2012), First Vice President (2011), Treasurer (2006-2010), Assistant Treasurer (2003-06); Texas District Director (2002-03); Delegate (2004-07), Alternate Delegate (2000-03), AMA Section Council on Anesthesiology; Chair, committees on Governmental Affairs (2001-03) and Quality Management and Departmental Administration (1998-01), Anesthesia Consultation Program (1997-00), Annual Meeting Reference Committee (1999, 2003); Member, ASAPAC Executive Board (1998-04), Committee on Practice Management (1998- 03), Committee on Quality Management and Departmental Administration (1996-03); Member, Quality Improvement and Practice Management (1992-95).

Affiliations: President (1996-97), President-Elect (1995-96), Treasurer (1993-95), Texas Society of Anesthesiologists; Chair, Nominating Committee (1998), Legislative Affairs (1990-94, 1997-00); Member, Nominating Committee (1996-03), Committee on Administrative Affairs (1997-99), Legislative Affairs (1990-07); President (1992), Treasurer (1989-91), Texas Gulf...

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