ASA issued its first member survey on the company model in 2010. In order to understand more clearly how this problem currently affects ASA members, the Committee on Practice Management distributed a new survey on the company model in June 2013. The survey was updated to inquire about new types of company model arrangements. It was distributed to ASA members via ASAP and the Grassroots Network, and directly to ASA directors, component society presidents and select ASA committees.

The 2013 survey received 828 responses from all 50 states, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico, compared to 308 responses from 39 states in 2010. Of those 828 responses:

The survey also revealed the following:

Overall analysis (Chart 1): 420 respondents (51 percent) had received a company model request, defined as a request to:

Geographic analysis (Chart 2): Practices that received at least one of the above requests came from 38 states and...

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