When Cindy Zerwas was diagnosed with brain cancer one and one-half years ago, her response was – for the many who knew and loved her – entirely true to character: she apologized to her husband and children for bringing such a burden upon them.

Surrounded by her loving family, Cindy passed away on August 20, 2013, after a valiant fight against glioblastoma.

The memorial that took place for Cindy on August 24, 2013, was emblematic of the way she lived her life. The service drew approximately 2,000 people, a testament to the number of lives she touched both within and far outside her community.

Cindy’s brother and sister gave moving tributes, and her niece performed an inspirational song she had written for Cindy during her battle with cancer. The couple’s four children each gave moving, personal recollections of the mother who devoted her life to them.

President Zerwas echoed the...

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