The Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation (APSF) is pleased to announce the 2013 APSF/ASA Endowed Research Award and the APSF/ASA President’s Research Award. These awards were announced at the annual meeting of the APSF Board of Directors in October 2012 for initiation in January 2013. APSF/ASA named grants are funded up to a maximum of $150,000 per grant.

The recipient of the 2013 APSF/ASA Endowed Research Award was Leanne Groban, M.D., Wake Forest School of Medicine, for a study titled “Does Preoperative Assessment of Nutritional Status, Mobility and Frailty Among Geriatric Patients Predict Early Postoperative Morbid Events?”

The recipient of the 2013 APSF/ASA President’s Award was Noa Segall, Ph.D., Duke University Medical Center, for a study titled “Forgetting to Remember: Prospective Memory Error as an Unexplored Patient Safety Risk.”

Funding of these named APSF/ASA grants is made possible by continued generous contributions from ASA to APSF. For more information...

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