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Anesthesiology Communication on Potentially Offensive Content

Publication of research in Anesthesiology dates to July 1940. Some previously published content may contain subject matter that reflects attitudes, biases, and conventions that are offensive or ethically unsound in relation to current societal norms and goals. This previously published content does not reflect the core values of the editors of Anesthesiology. The editors consider it important to acknowledge its harmful impact and maintain a complete historical record so that future generations may learn about these biases. The editors of Anesthesiology take this issue seriously and are committed to taking steps to mitigate bias and set standards for an inclusive culture that maximizes the diversity of our editorial structure, our outreach to potential authors, and the content of our published research. The editors of Anesthesiology stand against discrimination and fully support equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging through our publications.

October 1, 2023


Notifying the Journal

To notify the Anesthesiology editorial team of past published articles that contain potentially offensive content, please complete the form and a panel will review both the article and your comments.

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