For the article by Lingamaneni et al.  in the December 2001 issue (Anesthesiology 2001; 95:1460–6), the first sentence of the Results section in the abstract should have read as follows:

Glutamate release evoked by depolarization with increased extracellular KCl was not significantly inhibited by isoflurane up to 0.7 mm (∼2 minimum alveolar concentration; drug concentration for half maximal inhibition [IC50] > 1.5 mm) or propofol up to 40 μm in synaptosomes prepared from rat, mouse, or guinea pig cerebral cortex, rat hippocampus, or rat striatum.

The third sentence from the Results section should have read:

Glutamate release was evoked by veratridine or increased KCl (from 5 to 35 mm) to assess the involvement of presynaptic ion channels as targets for drug actions.13