To the Editor:—

We would like to comment on Dr. Feingold's technique of facilitating a difficult intubation with an LTA® cannula (Abbott Laboratories, North Chicago, IL), described in the June 2001 issue of Anesthesiology. 1We described an instrument to help solve the same problem in the January–February 1967 issue of Anesthesiology. 2Our instrument is called an “epiglottic elevator” and was made for us by Foregger and Company (Long Island, NY). This instrument might have some advantages over the flexible LTA® cannula. The probe was rigid and was more controllable. The handle was offset and weighted. It could be released outside the mouth and became a self-retaining epiglottic elevator, maintaining the elevation of the epiglottis and a view of the glottic chink. The right hand was free to insert the endotracheal tube alongside the epiglottic elevator extended into the trachea.

Feingold A: LTA cannula can facilitate a difficult tracheal intubation (letter). A nesthesiology 2001; 94: 1153
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